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How to store and serve artisanal compotes

How to store and serve artisanal compotes


Compotes can be paired with all types of foods to create either traditional or original flavor combinations.

How to store them

Artisanal and homemade compotes are best stored in sealed jars, stacked vertically in a dry, cool place. They should not be exposed to dramatic changes of temperature and should therefore be kept on the bottom shelved of a panty where the temperature is cooler.
Once opened, it is suggested that you store the products, well closed, in the refrigerator. It is important that jams and compotes be consumed fairly quickly, because once they come in contact with the air, they begin to loose their fragrance and flavor.

Pairing tips

Compotes are great for making classic and innovative pairings.

Try serving them with:

Toasted bread or brioche at breakfast or with simple white bread and butter. This pairing will bring out their sweetness, especially of blackberry jam, for example.

Cheeses. It is best not to pair compotes with young, fresh cheeses so that the sugar doesn’t cover up the delicate aroma and flavor of the cheese. Instead, try serving them with medium-aged to long-aged cheeses, especially those that are hard, compact and granular. The compote will be a nice opposition to the spicy, strong flavor of the cheese. Pair fig jam with aged Pecorino Toscano, or blue cheeses, like Gorgonzola, with Tropea Onion compote.

Desserts. Compotes can also be used to make desserts, especially tarts, cakes and sweet breads like panettone and pandoro.

Meats. Try serving vegetable compotes with boiled or roasted meats. Fig mustard or a sweet and sour mint jelly pair well with roast lamb. Currant jelly goes will with kid and pumpkin compote with bollito misto.

Salumi. The sweetness of compotes can take the edge of the saltiness of many cured pork products. Try pairing melon jam with prosciutto di Parma or apple compote with speck from Trentino. Cooked ham can be served with mandarin or moscato wine jelly.