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How to store and serve Prosciutto di Parma

How to store and serve Prosciutto di Parma


Here are some tips on how to store and what to serve with Prosciutto di Parma: the most famous Italian cured meat in the world.

Prosciutto di Parma DOP is produced in the hills and mountains outside Parma. It is characterized by its delicate, sweet taste and its tender, compact structure. To correctly taste it and fully appreciate its quality, be sure to cut it thin, preferably using a meat slicer. It should be served and tasted at room temperature, so be sure to remove it from the refrigerator at least an hour before serving.

Pairing tips

- Traditionally, prosciutto di Parma is paired with other products from the region, fruit of the same land, climate and culinary know-how. Try pairing it with a local sparkling wine, like Lambrusco or a Malvasia from this hills outside Parma or Fortana. When served as an appetizer, prosciutto di Parma is paired with porcini mushrooms from Val di Taro preserved in oil.

If you want to further enhance its distinctive flavor, pair the meat with foods or dishes of equally strong flavors and persistent aromas. When flavors are well paired, no single flavor should cover or mask another.

Here are some products that pair with the delicate taste of prosciutto di Parma:

Wine: Dry, sparkling wines that are low in alcohol like Champagne. The acidity of the wine helps to clean your palate, cutting through the fat of the prosciutto.

Bread: Fresh, crispy white bread is the most simple and traditional pairing. You can also wrap slices of prosciutto around breadsticks (grissini in Italian) or serve it with a little piece of focaccia or a warm piadina.

Fresh fruit: Most commonly served with melon and figs, also try pairing prosciutto with grapes, pomegranate, oranges, avocado, kiwi and papaya.

How to serve it

- Serve with mixed green salads, rolled around soft cheeses or aside sliced mozzarella.
- Use it to fill pasta, make pasta sauces, fill frittatas or enrich veal roasts.

How to store it

If you purchase pre-sliced prosciutto, it should be consumed within a day or two, otherwise it will begin to oxidize. If you have a larger piece that has been vacuum-packed, if can be stored in the refrigerator for a couple of months. If you have an entire thigh that you have already begun to slice, be sure to lightly oil the exposed meat and cover it with a sheet of plastic wrap or a cotton cloth. It should last for a couple of week when stored this way.

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