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Burrata is a cheese with a fairly recent history. It was first made at the beginning of the 1920s in the area of Andria on the farm of the Bianchini family (which was later converted into a burrata production facility). Originally, burrata was made with buffalo’s milk, but today cow’s milk from two milkings is used together with super fresh cream.


Burrata is a pulled cheese like mozzarella, known in Italian as pasta filata, and is made in a very unique way. Once the cooked curd is divided into pieces, the cheesemaker immerses them in very hot water and is then formed into a pouch. The cream is poured inside and the pouch is closed by pinching the top together, making a pear shaped sack.

Like mozzarella, burrata is a fresh cheese and should be eaten as soon as possible in order to enjoy the flavor. Burrata can weigh between ½ to 1 lb. The paste is a shiny milk color and is wrapped in a smooth pouch without a rind. It is normally sold wrapped in green leaves. Burrata has a rich, buttery flavor with notes of milk enzymes that can be brought out with the addition of salt and freshly ground pepper. It is a delicate cheese that can be served with spring lettuces that compliment its flavor.

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