Coppia ferrarese IGP

Coppia ferrarese IGP

Regione Italiana
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Coppia ferrarese IGP


Coppia Ferrarese is a type of regional bread from Ferrara. According to the Statuta Ferrariae, a communal statue made in 1287, the bread had to have a signature scroll shape and be the same weight before and after cooking: “pani che abbiano orletti che non si abbassano quando si cuociono.” In 1536 during a dinner party given by Messer Giglio, the Duke of Ferrara, the shape of the bread was redefined as “ritorto od intorto”, or folded.

Coppia ferrarese IGP

Today, the bread is shaped like an “X”, and is made from two long pieces of dough, knotted together and twisted at its four ends.

The dough itself is made from soft wheat flour, a natural starter in place of yeast, and salt. It is kneaded multiple times and then rolled into two ropes that are knotted in the middle. After baking, long pointed parts of the bread should be eaten immediately.  The center part should be good for another day or two.

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