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Baked Barilla® Whole Grain Rotini with Creamy Bolognese Sauce & Peas

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Baked Barilla® Whole Grain Rotini with Creamy Bolognese Sauce & Peas
45 minutes


Main course

PROTEIN: 29.0g
FAT: 32.0g


Ingredients for 7 people

1 BOX Barilla Whole Grain Rotini
4 TABLESPOONS Celery Diced
4 TABLESPOONS Carrots Diced
4 TABLESPOONS Onions Diced
2 OUNCES Italian Pancetta (May Substitute Bacon)
2 TABLESPOONS Extra Virgin Olive Oil
8 OUNCES Ground Chuck Beef
8 OUNCES Ground Pork Shoulder
1/2 CUP White Wine
3 TABLESPOONS Tomato Paste
2 CUPS Frozen Peas
1/2 CUP Parmigiano-Reggiano Cheese Grated
11 TABLESPOONS Butter Room Temperature
4 CUPS Milk

Preparation 10 minutes preparation + 35 minutes cooking
1. BRING a large pot of water to a boil

2. GRIND vegetables with pancetta in a food processor for 1 minute, until very finely ground

3. Place mixture in a pot with olive oil and cook for 20 minutes over medium-low heat

4. ADD meat and cook for 30 minutes, being sure to crush meat in the pan as finely as possible

5. When meat starts to stick to the bottom of the pan, deglaze with white wine, being sure to scrape off all of the stuck pieces from the bottom of the pan

6. Reduce well until dry, about 5 minutes

7. Season mixture with salt and pepper

8. COVER ground meat and vegetable mixture with water and add tomato paste

9. Simmer, covered slightly, until water is completely evaporated, about 1 hour

10. STIR in green peas for the last 30 minutes

11. Add 2 tablespoons room temperature butter during the last minute

12. Meanwhile, PREPARE béchamel

13. In a separate sauce pan, heat milk until simmering, about 7 minutes on high heat

14. About 2 minutes before milk comes to a simmer, add oil and 9 tablespoons butter to another sauce pan, heat until melted and add the flour

15. COOK until bubbling, about 30 seconds over medium-high heat

16. Whisk in the hot milk and simmer for 20 minutes

17. PREHEAT oven to 375°F

18. Meanwhile, COOK Whole Grain Rotini half of recommended package cooking time

19. Drain and toss with meat sauce and béchamel sauce

20. TRANSFER béchamel, meat sauce, and pasta mixture into a greased 9x13-inch baking pan, sprinkle Parmigiano on top, and bake for 35 minutes

21. REMOVE from oven and allow to rest 10 minutes before serving