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Fried Eggplant Sandwiches

di Academia Barilla

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Fried Eggplant Sandwiches
1 hours


Side dish

Ingredients for 4 people

3 eggplants
7 ounces Pecorino cheese
3 1/2 ounces anchovies in oil
2 eggs
basil one handful
salt to taste
oil for frying

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Anchovies in olive oil Anchovies in salt 3 1/2 ounces

Preparation 59 minutes preparation + 5 minutes cooking
1. Wash and peel eggplants, then cut along the long side into 1/2 inch thick slices

2. Generously sprinkle with salt and set aside to drain for about one hour

3. Slice the Pecorino, chop salt-packed anchovies (rinsed and boned) and mince basil

4. Dry eggplant slices using a dish towel or paper towel

5. Top half the slices with Pecorino, anchovies and basil, then cover with remaining eggplant slices

6. Dip eggplant sandwiches in beaten egg

7. In a large pan, heat frying oil over medium heat, (check oil temperature by adding a few drops of beaten egg) then deep-fry sandwiches, carefully turning them once, until evenly brown

8. Serve hot