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Barilla recipes

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Green Sauce

di Academia Barilla

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Green Sauce
10 minutes



Ingredients for 4 people

5 ounces parsley minced
2 ounces bread with crusts removed
1 clove garlic
1 teaspoon capers
1 anchovy
1 hard-boiled egg
Extra virgin olive oil as needed
Salt to taste
Vinegar to taste

Preparation 10 minutes preparation
1. Soak bread in vinegar

2. Squeeze and push through a sieve

3. Wash and dry parsley just before using, to prevent any bitter taste from fermentation

4. Chop parsley, capers, hard-boiled egg and anchovy and combine with bread crumbs

5. Add garlic

6. If using whole garlic, discard before serving, otherwise chop and add to other ingredients

7. Pour in oil to cover all ingredients and season with salt

8. This sauce is mainly used with mixed boiled meats