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Panadas (Sardinian Fried Ravioli)

di Academia Barilla

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Panadas (Sardinian Fried Ravioli)
35 minutes




Ingredients for 4 people

1 ½ cups flour
¼ cup extra virgin olive oil
water as needed
6 ounces soft fresh Sardinian Pecorino cheese
5 mint leaves
salt and pepper to taste
oil for frying as necessary

Preparation 30 minutes preparation + 5 minutes cooking
1. Mix flour, oil and a little water to form an even, smooth dough

2. Roll out very thin (less than 1/16 inch) in a pasta machine

3. Grate the Pecorino

4. Add dried minced mint leaves to cheese, season with a pinch of salt and freshly ground pepper and mix well

5. Shape the cheese mixture into small 1-inch balls and arrange on a strip of dough, evenly spaced

6. Step 4 Moisten edges of the pasta to seal

7. Cover with another thin strip of pasta

8. Gently press down on filling to eliminate any air that may be trapped

9. Seal the ravioli pockets

10. Cut out the “panadas” evenly with a fluted ravioli cutter

11. Heat a generous amount of oil in a pan (check temperature with a few small bits of dough)

12. Fry the panadas a few at a time, turning to brown both sides

13. Remove and drain on paper towels

14. Serve hot