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Trenette with Pesto (Pasta with Pesto)

di Academia Barilla

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Trenette with Pesto (Pasta with Pesto)
18 minutes


First course

Ingredients for 4 people

12 ounces trenette pasta
1 ¾ ounces basil
½ ounce pine nuts
2/3 cup Parmigiano Reggiano cheese grated
1/4 cup Pecorino cheese grated
½ cup extra virgin olive oil
Salt to taste
2 potatoes
3 ½ ounces green beans

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Trenette Linguine 12 ounces

Preparation 10 minutes preparation + 8 minutes cooking
1. Wash and dry the basil leaves and crush in a mortar with peeled garlic, pine nuts and a pinch of salt

2. Add oil in a steady stream while crushing with the pestle until a smooth pesto sauce is obtained

3. Pesto can also be made in a blender: do not overprocess and use quick pulses, so that the pesto does not heat up

4. Pour pesto in a bowl and combine with half the grated Parmigiano and Pecorino cheeses

5. Dice the potato and cut the green beans into pieces

6. Boil the trenette, diced potato and green beans in plenty of salted water for about 10 minutes

7. Drain, combine with pesto and a few tablespoons of cooking water and serve immediately with the remaining grated Parmigiano