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The Flavors of Fall

The Flavors of Fall

Academia Barilla invites you to immerse yourself in Italian gastronomy with a 4-day tour celebrating the fall harvest.
Join us during the months of September, October and November to taste earthy porcini mushrooms, incomparable truffles and rich, roasted chestnuts.
An incredible opportunity to discover the fragrance of fall and taste all the local, seasonal products found in the nearby Apennine Mountains.

Day 1 - Benvenuti a Parma

Via Paolo Toschi 1, Parma PR

Arrive in Parma and check into your deluxe hotel room.
Visit the city. Take a stroll around downtown, and stop for a traditional Italian aperitivo. Then, sit down for dinner in one of the city’s many charming restaurants.
The tour includes: luxury hotel accommodations, guided tour of Parma, guided tour of the Apennines, which shelter the city, private cooking classes with Academia Barilla chefs. Learn to bring out the most flavor from fall-time ingredients.
Lunch and dinner in the city’s top restaurants

Day 2 - Autumn Cuisine

Piazza della Pilotta 1, Parma PR

Hands-on cooking classes with Academia Barilla chefs. Learn to prepare recipes using funghi porcini, or porcini mushrooms; tartufi, or truffles; and castagne, or chestnuts. Enjoy the fruits of your labor! Explore Parma’s historic city center, on a guided tour of the Duomo, or Cathedral, and the Baptistery of Antelami; the Royal Theater, or Teatro Regio, and Piazza Garibaldi; Palazzo della Pilotta and the birthplace of Arturo Toscanini; as well as the Parco Ducale and the Oltretorrente neighborhood. Dinner in downtown Parma.

Day 3 - Discover the Apennines
Borgo Val di Taro

Vignole, Borgo Val di Taro PR

Leave for the Apennines: discover how to hunt for mushrooms, truffles and chestnuts. You will not go home empty handed! Lunch and dinner in the most well known restaurants in Parma and the surrounding area. Taste a variety of dishes prepared with the seasonal ingredients.

Day 4 - Arrivederci

Piazza Duomo 1, Parma PR

Say goodbye to Academia Barilla and Parma, taking with you the unforgettable flavors and recipes of the region. Be sure to share what you learned with your friends and family when you get home.

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