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Tasty Valentine in Parma, Italy

Tasty Valentine in Parma, Italy

Academia Barilla offers four-day tours – available year-round – designed to bring a little love into your life.
Relax at the elegant Villa Eden SPA with massages and other spa treatments.
Learn to prepare a romantic Valentine’s Day meal. Academia Barilla chefs will guide you through the process step-by-step, and once dinner is ready, they will leave you to enjoy it in candlelight.

Day 1 - Benvenuti a Parma

Viale Antonio Fratti 1, Parma PR

Arrive in Parma and check into your luxury hotel.
Visit the city: have an drink at a picturesque café, then dine a historic restaurant.
The tour includes: luxury hotel accommodations, professional spa treatments at Villa Eden Spa, a guided tour of Parma, unforgettable meals in Parma’s top restaurants, a private cooking lesson from Academia Barilla chefs. Learn to make a romantic Valentine’s Day menu, visit a local cheese-producer, and participate in the making of a wheel of real Italian Parmesan cheese, or Parmigiano-Reggiano.

Day 2 - Love at first bite

Strada Mulino, Langhirano PR

Visit a local Parmigiano Reggiano producer, and learn how to make this famous cheese. A piece of your wheel will be sent to you, back at home, after it has been aged for 18 months. Stroll around the Castello di Torrechiara, a 15th-century castle located in Langhirano, just south of Parma. Exclusive, hands-on cooking class with your own private Academia Barilla Chef. Learn to prepare recipes that are guaranteed to capture your loved one’s heart. Enjoy your meal, at a private table arranged for you in the beautiful gastronomic library.

Day 3 - Treat Yourselves

Strada Giuseppe Mazzini 1, Parma PR

Take a relaxing walk, or bike ride, through Parma. Visit the city’s museums, markets and fantastic food and wine shops. Visit the world-renowned Villa Eden Spa: enjoy a special spa treatment that includes revitalizing grape-based extracts and taste a number of Italian sparkling wines. Lunch and dinner in elegant restaurants in downtown Parma.

Day 4 - Arrivederci

Piazza Duomo 1, Parma PR

Say goodbye to Academia Barilla and Parma, taking with you the unforgettable flavors and recipes of the region. Go home feeling relaxed and in love…with Italy, of course.

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