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The Exercise Types

1. On-the-Move Multitasker

You're always on the go and juggling multiple things all at once. But that doesn't stop you from fitting in a little workout where you can! You know that taking the stairs or doing gluteal isometrics while sitting in traffic is worth the effort. By the end of the day, your small efforts have added up to a significant amount of calories burned, which puts you way ahead of the game.

For Multitaskers-in-Training – Make functional activities like cooking or cleaning double as an exercise routine by upping the intensity with which you perform them, or incorporating lunges or squats into vacuuming or stirring food.

2. Social Sweater

You feel encouraged and held accountable by exercise partners. You also like being able to socialize during a workout. You may not realize it, but these positive social relationships have significant health benefits, which you enjoy in addition to those from your physical exercise.

For Social Sweaters-in-Training – Make sure you find workout buddies who challenge you and inspire you. Get involved with increasingly intense workout groups to see real results!

3. Meditator

You have patience when it comes to exercise. You do it to relax and may prefer calm breathing exercises to being out of breath. You practice yoga, pilates, karate, or even long walks.

In the long run you're reaping tremendous physical, mental, and spiritual health benefits. Slow and steady wins the race, and you know it!

For Meditators-in-Training – If you think you might be interested, sign up for a beginners yoga or pilates class! Remember it takes time before you begin to see results, so make a promise to yourself that you'll keep at it for a couple of months before making a decision about whether or not to continue.

4. Adventurer

Exercise for the sake of exercise? Forget it. You want an experience. Rock climbing, hiking, skiing, and rafting are all up your ally. For you, fitness and leisure time are one in the same and not just anyone can keep up with your adventurous lifestyle.

For Adventurers-in-Training – If you live in a place with abundant natural resources, chances are you'll have no trouble getting in a workout through the outdoor activities at your fingertips. If you live in a city, you'll need to find other activities to suit your quest for adventure. Many gyms and clubs offer rock-climbing walls and other equipment geared toward preparing you for the real deal on the weekend.

5. Sports Lover

What motivates you isn't the weight loss. It's the game! You may have played a sport in high school or college, but once you're out of school you find it hard to continue exercise without these teams you were once a part of.

Instead of becoming a bystander and watching sports on TV or from the stands, you'll benefit from joining a community team where you'll continue to push yourself with some friendly competition.

For the Sports Lover-in-Training – Check our your local Parks & Rec department for beginner level teams in a variety of sports offerings.

6. Intense Exerciser

You don't need a team, a treadmill, or a yoga mat to get moving. You are intrinsically motivated to push yourself, and you're only happy when you feel the burn that lets you know you just got in an awesome workout.

You're the sort of person who began walk-running two miles, never dreaming you'd have worked yourself up to a marathon in two years – but you do it.

For the Intense Exerciser-in-Training – If you're just getting started, try signing up for a short race like a 5K. You'll love the feeling you get when its over and you're starting with goals that are achievable for you. You could eventually find yourself crossing the finish line of your first marathon!