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Start with a healthy heart

Your heart supports you every minute of the day. Whether you're tired, stressed, happy or excited, you march to it's beat. And to keep this muscle working at its best, try these simple tips to improve your cardiovascular health.

Defeat the snack attack

It's easy to reach for that sugary treat when healthy snacks seem hard to find, but try these delicious foods for an easy-to-prepare snack that's heart healthy and waistline friendly!

  • 1. Try avocados

    Loaded with vitamins, fiber and potassium, try a sliced avocado mixed with a light salsa for a filling snack.

  • 2. Go for the hummus

    Instead of leaving social websites open all day, schedule breaks to check your notifications. You'll be less distracted with these sites closed, so you can work or run errands more efficiently.

  • 3. Add cottage cheese

    Top a small bowl of low fat cottage cheese with fresh pineapple rings, a dash of cinnamon or berries for a serving of dairy with less saturated fat.

  • 4. Pop some popcorn

    Dig into a bowl of low sodium and light-butter popcorn. It's rich in polyphenols — antioxidants researchers linked to preventing cardiovascular disease.

  • 5. An apple a day

    Did you know that eating 2 apples daily reduces the risk of heart disease by making cholesterol easier for a body to breakdown? And with apples currently in season, you'll have plenty of delicious varieties to pick from.

Tackle Meals with Confidence

It's no secret that exercising regularly is a key to keeping your heart healthy, but working out can be more than a trip on a treadmill. To keep yourself motivated, make your next workout an adventure with one of these simple ideas.

Sign up for a fusion dance class

Try ultimate Frisbee

Channel your inner-karate kid

Join a cross-training fitness group

Make your speed walk a journey

Turn TV time into exercise time

A Healthy Tip

Pack a water bottle

Growing in popularity and rightfully so, water bottles are a simple solution to stay hydrated. Good hydration allows your body to maintain a healthy temperature, high energy and a healthy weight. And when you bring your own bottle, you never have to pay extra for a drink.