On October 10th-11th, Paris set the stage for the 8th edition of Pasta World Championship. 14 great under-35 chefs from all over the world took an exciting three-round challenge: the Masterpiece, the White Canvas and the Gran Finale. After 2 days of intense competition, Japanese chef Keita Yuge won the 2019 Barilla Master of Pasta title, thanks to his unforgettable dish. “Penne Gorgonzola Profumo Giapponese” perfectly embodied the theme of this 8th edition: The Art of Pasta.

The Winner

The Masterpiece


Davide Oldani (ITA)

"Art and artisan have the same roots. Pasta is an artisanal form of art. It’s the art of fine taste, something that changes depending on the ingredients we put on the plate."
He brought to the Italian cuisine the concept of “cucina pop”, which is based on perfectly balanced contrasts. These contrasts can be also experienced in his restaurant “D’O”, near Milan.

Amandine Chaignot (FRA)

"I see pasta as a canvas that each chef can use in many ways. It’s an ingredient you can use to express different things, it gives you such freedom!"
Her creativity is rooted in the talent instilled by the French chefs she rubbed shoulders with, like Ducasse, Alléno and Fréchon. Bocuse de Bronze in 2012, she's very involved in charity through her work with the NGO World vision and she will open soon her new restaurant “Pouliche”.

Simone Zanoni (ITA)

"For me, the art of pasta is about the ability to enhance and transform what is basically a social, everyday item into something artistic."
Sustainability and Mediterranean cuisine are the centre of his vision. Head Chef of “Le George” in Paris, his career grew between London and Paris, as he worked in Gordon Ramsay’s starred restaurants.

Paola Navone (ITA)

"Pasta is a beautiful example of democratic design. Simple, natural, universal. I think it's a magnificent "creative medium”: it can make anyone feel a little bit like an artist."
Her mind is a combination of colours of the South of the world and the taste and forms of the West. She won international awards as an architect, product designer, interior decorator and art director.

Ashley Alexander (AUS)

"Like art, pasta can not only evoke emotion and inspiration in the moment but can spark and inspire further creativity and future work."
Melbourne-based recipe developer, stylist, and creative director, her blog ‘Gather & Feast’ focuses on food made to be shared. Author of the book ‘Morning, Noon & Night’, she has developed creative content for various clients around the world. 

Pasta World Championship 2019 - The Art Of Pasta

A painting, a sculpture, an element of design. A ballet, or a piece of music. Is pasta an art? For us it is.
A fine combination between form and movement, eclecticism and simplicity, beauty and taste. It is an art, maybe the sum of many arts. It's the art that explodes all over the world.
Re-live the best moments of the 8th edition of Pasta World Championship and discover The Art Of Pasta.


2019 edition’s theme

This year the Pasta World Championship reaches its 8th edition, with the theme “The Art of Pasta”.
Is pasta an art? For us it is.
Each piece of pasta is a small piece of design that combines beauty and taste.
Creating with pasta is like playing with the colours of a painting, the grace of a ballet, or the sounds of a symphony.
It is form and movement, and creates masterpieces.
It is an art, or the sum of many arts.
Pasta is the ultimate art form, it is something simple and essential that can be reinterpreted, transformed and continually revolutionized by the greatest Masters in the world. This is the art that explodes all over the world.
This is the Art of Pasta.