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Zero Waste Broth:

1          Gallon, Cold Water

2          Cups, carrot peels

2          Cups, Celery bottoms

4          Cups, Onion skins or leek tops

½         Cup, Parsley stems

3          Cups, mushroom stems

2          Bay leaves

10        Black peppercorns



¼         Box, Ditalini

¼         Cup flour

¼         Cup, Butter

1 ½      Lb. Broccoli stems

½         Lb. Potato scraps

1          Onion, diced

1          Cup, Zero waste broth

1          Cup, Whole milk

1          Rosemary stem

1          thyme stem

1          Cup, Shredded cheese (your choice)

½         Cup, Green onions or chives sliced thin


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  • In a large sauce pan cook the butter and flour over medium heat for 2 minutes

  • Add all the remaining ingredients

  • Bring to a boil then reduce to a simmer, cover and cook for about 10 minutes then season with salt and white pepper

  • Let the soup cool down for a few minutes then in small batches blend together until smooth

  • Strain through a sieve and place back into the pan

  • In a separate pot of water boil the pasta half the recommended cooking time then stir into the warm soup, let it rest for 30 minutes before serving

  • To serve ladle some soup in a bowl, top with a bit of cheese and garnish with chives or green onion

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