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Barilla® Gluten Free Spaghetti Palabok allo Scoglio

Chef Daniel Cancino took the flavours of the Philippines and Italy to make something completely new with his Barilla Gluten Free Spaghetti Palabok allo Scoglio.

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    Gluten Free


Ingredients for 4 people


½ Package Barilla® Gluten Free Spaghetti


3 tablespoon garlic, chopped


3 tablespoons ginger, grated


3 tablespoons shallot, chopped


2 tablespoons, Annatto Powder


Fish Sauce, to taste


1 piece Red Finger Chili, sliced


1 cup white wine


½ cup smoked Bangus (milk fish), cooked and flaked


16 piece shrimp (no shell tail on 21/25 size)


16 piece mussels, cleaned and bearded


8 piece Manila Clams, cleaned


6 cup shrimp stock


8 piece Calamansi, halved


6 piece Calamansi, juiced


1 cup flat parsley, chopped


½ cup chicharron, crushed


½ scallion, sliced


¼ cup crispy garlic


2 tablespoons Salmon Roe, cured


2 piece soft Boiled Egg, halved


Olive Oil


  1. 1 Bring 4 liters of salted water to a boil and cook pasta for 2 minutes less than package direction.

  2. 2 In a pan, sweat garlic, ginger, shallot in olive oil until soft.
  3. 3 Add annatto powder and cook out.
  4. 4 Deglaze with white wine and reduce until almost all the liquid is gone.
  5. 5 Add shrimp stock and bring to simmer.
  6. 6 Add manila clams and mussels, set aside as soon as any of them open.
  7. 7 Add shrimp and cook until it just begins to colour, set aside.
  8. 8 Season broth with fish sauce to taste.
  9. 9 Add smoked bangus and spaghetti, simmer until noodles are al dente.
  10. 10 Add juice of calamansi, chopped parsley, chili and return shellfish to the pan, toss well.
  11. 11 Plate pasta and garnish nicely with chicharron, scallion, crispy garlic, salmon roe, soft boiled egg, drizzle of olive oil, and calamansi halves.

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