Put these two greats together with a deliciously simple recipe and you get a superb meal full of elevated flavour.

Few and simple ingredients rich of flavor which will make your spaghetti sing: what you need is just 1 box of Barilla No. 5 Spaghetti Pasta 500g, few Cloves of garlic, 50ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a sip of  TABASCO® Sauce and flatleaf parsley, roughly chopped.                                                                           

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Barilla and Tabasco made a great partnership to create a wonderful recipe that blends together the authentic Italian cousine with a touch of spicy and international flavour!

Barilla and Tabasco are the perfect combo that share somehow the same spirit.

Barilla is an Italian family owned company symbol of excellence in the agri-food sector. Its story begins in Parma in 1877, with a small bread and pasta shop. Today, 145 years later, Barilla is N1 pasta brand worldwide made only with premium selected semolina durum wheat and water.

Tabasco brand products are made by McIlhenny Company, founded in 1868 on Avery Island, Louisiana. To this day, the company is still family-owned and operated on that very same site.
Tabasco sauce is sold in over 195 countries and territories and it is the most famous, most preferred pepper sauce in the world. It is made only from special, hand-selected peppers , premium distilled white wine vinegar and salt. It is zero calories and gluten free.

Make your Barilla Spaghetti sing with a dash of Tabasco flavour!