Carta del Basilico

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Our Basil it is the button of what we do. Taking care of the basil supply chain means guaranteeing quality to our products, working side by side with our producers and protecting biodiversity.

Discover the Barilla Basil Charter, the story of our sustainability path, through which we are committed primarily to three fronts : the supply of basil from sustainable agriculture, the protection of biodiversity and the enhancement of farming communities.


Basil from sustainable agriculture

Since 2020 our basil comes from sustainable agriculture! This means that every actor in our basil supply chain is subjected to checks annually and is required to comply with the sustainability criteria of the ISCC PLUS certification system.


More space for Biodiversity

For us, taking care of our basil means taking care of the fields where it is grown. In addition to certification, we protect soil health through continuous crop rotation and areas of biodiversity. In this way it is possible to increase the fertility of the soil containing and the presence of parasites.


Our farmers, our family

We have built bonds with our beings that last for years and with them we have grown and improved: we can trust the quality of their raw materials and they can use their work with greater safety.

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L’impegno di Barilla per la sostenibilità, delineato nel Codice di Agricoltura Sostenibile, certifica la produzione di basilico a livello globale.

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Our new Barilla Pesto is prepared with care, with quality ingredients and following a DELICATE METHOD

Our new Barilla Pesto is prepared with care, with quality ingredients and delicacy.


The secret blend of the unique creaminess of our Pesto lies in the delicate preparation: all the ingredients are healthy until we obtain a creamy and homogeneous emulsion. Furthermore, to best preserve the aroma, color and original taste of the ingredients , we always mix them cold . Of course the raw material is equally important: our basil is picked at dawn to get fresh in our factory in Rubbiano and, to preserve the natural aroma of Parmigiano Reggiano DOP , directly acquiring the whole forms and grate it just before adding it to our Pesto alla Genovese.


Quality first of all! Heat treatment is a technique used to ensure preservation and 100% safe quality in all phases of the product's life. In our case, the Pesto undergoes a rapid and delicate use heat treatment thanks to avant-garde techniques


It is important for us to prepare the ingredients as quickly as possible so as not to risk damaging them. Between the moment the ingredients start to be prepared and the moment the pesto is put in the jar, it takes less than three hours!