Intensely Italian | PUB IN THE PARK 2022


The joy that only authentic Italian pasta and Italian sauce can bring!


In July 2022 Barilla has taken part to the big event Pub In the Park in Marlow for sharing an intensely Italian experience with Tom Kerridge & Friends: a weekend made of sunshine, music and pasta -

the perfect combo.


Barilla, Italy’s biggest pasta maker, has set up a “piazzetta” (in Italian means <<little square>>) serving up a bitesize taste of real Italian cooking.

There’s lot’s more than delicious food though, swing by to be entertained by the singing chef, and join in the cantando and you could win some wonderful Barilla prizes.

The event has hosted many influencers and many guests as Michela Chiappa, Food for Soul, Mionetto Prosecco, Retro Vespa Hire Ltd who made it so perfect! 




Sunny evenings are made for pasta.

We've been sharing over 3,000 servings of Pasta to Pub in the park with Tom Kerridge & Friends Marlow attendees.

We have been matching each and every portion with a donation to Food for Soul community kitchen and drop-in centre Reflettorio Felix.

On the menu during the 2022 edition of Pub in the Park were:

Pasta with pomodoro e Basilico 

Pasta with Pesto alla Genovese  

An italian pasta dish that meets every need, every taste! 

Pasta brings joy, brings people together and brings conviviality!

Barilla, masters of italian pasta since 1877




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Intensely Italian | PUB IN THE PARK 2022