Cozy Up to Hot Pasta Meals!



When the temperatures are low, nothing lifts spirits like coming in from the cold to find a hot, delicious pasta meal waiting for you. Try these chill-busting soups and savory bakes made with Barilla pasta and sauce — and the wait 'til spring might not seem so long after all.

  1. Hearty Pasta e Fagioli
    Hearty Pasta e Fagioli

    This saucy twist on an Italian classic, takes Pasta e Fagioli up a notch with braised beef, chili spices and Barilla Marinara Sauce.

  2. Traditional Pasta e Fagioli
    easy pasta fagioli

    Flavorful, satisfying Pasta e Fagioli is always a cold-weather favorite. We've made it vegetarian-style, but feel free to add hamburger or Italian sausage for extra protein and flavor.

  3. Ditalini & White Bean Soup
    Ditalini & White Bean Soup

    Loaded with veggies, herbs and cannellini beans, this protein-packed Ditalini & White Bean Soup is a crowd pleaser.

  4. Fideo Cut Spaghetti Soup with Chickpeas & Thyme
    Fideo Cut Spaghetti Soup with Chickpeas & Thyme

    Fresh and light. Smooth and creamy. This fragrant Fideo Cut Spaghetti Soup with Chickpeas & Thyme soup is made with fresh herbs and garlic, then pureed to perfection.

  5. Oven-Ready Lasagna with Ground Beef
    Oven-Ready Lasagna with Ground Beef

    Our no-boil pasta sheets make lasagna easy. Layer Oven-Ready Lasagne sheets with savory ground beef, cheese and vibrant Barilla sauce, then bake and wait for the happy faces.

  6. Three-Layer Lasagna
    Three-Layer Lasagna

    Wavy and wonderfully cheesy, Three-Layer Lasagna is a warm and bubbly favorite that can be kept simple — or layered with meat and veggies too.

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