Make the most of the holiday season by making time for family and friends. Whether you get together with two or eight or twenty, dishes baked with Barilla Pasta and Sauce are delicious, great for sharing, and always a hit. Stuffed. Savory. Cheesy. Perfect! Pick a favorite (or two) and warm up the season.

  1. Cheddar Pesto Mac & Cheese

    This creamy favorite gets a zesty kick of flavor from Barilla Basil Pesto sauce. It's great in a large casserole dish or individual ramekins.

  2. Stuffed Jumbo Shells

    Savory, cheesy stuffed shells are perfectly sized for any get-together spread. Guests can dish up a complete serving or leave room for other dishes.

  3. Three-Cheese Manicotti

    Impress them all with warm, savory manicotti — stuffed, smothered and so, so good! Keep it cheesy or add your favorite ingredients.

  4. Lasagne Rolls

    Filled with ground beef, winter veggies and cheese, Lasagne Rolls are easy to make and even easier to serve — a guaranteed crowd pleaser.

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