Grace Byers' While the Water Boils Episode 8 Sneak Peak

"Work hard, play hard. In Episode 8 of While the Water Boils, actor Grace Byers shows Hannah Hart her passion for game time.

Her game of choice? It's a card game called ""spit,"" and you'll get a kick out of these two playing it, as well as a kick from Grace's spicy seafood spaghetti. With Cajun spices and plenty of shrimp and scallops, this pasta recipe will transport you to island living in no time.

There's no better way to get to know people than by meeting them, learning their games, and exploring food culture together. Grace knows a thing or two about this. They're her passions, even with the busy schedule of an actor. There's always time to share your passions with others, especially when they involve games and spicy pasta!"
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