Paul Pierce's Pasta Recipe: Linguine and Truth Sauce

"Linguine pasta with Truth Sauce is a top request at Paul Pierce’s house… but his kids only like it when he makes it. Think you could fool them? Try making it yourself.

Grab a pan and get it nice and hot. This linguine pasta needs a kick to get things going! Add a pound of crumbled Italian sausage to really give this dish some legs.

What makes this pasta sauce The Truth? Red wine reduction, caramelized chopped onions, garlic, tomato sauce, tomato paste, diced tomatoes, red pepper flakes, and, the secret ingredient: brown sugar. Is your mouth watering yet? That's The Truth Sauce!

Toss in some al dente linguine, and your pasta promises to be as good as Paul Pierce's jump shot. If you didn't have a passion for pasta before trying this spicy recipe, you will after you taste your creation."