While the Water Boils Episode 9: Paul Nicklen

"He braves extreme cold to light a flame under conservation. Watch Episode 9 of While the Water Boils to learn more about photographer Paul Nicklen. Plus, get a glimpse of Paul's green pasta recipe.

Living among the Inuit as a child, Paul learned how to deal with extremely cold temperatures and gained several survival instincts. Often, Paul and his family were without fresh produce for months at a time.

Paul's survival skills have paid off now that he routinely travels to the polar regions of our planet to document climate changes with his camera.

When he's not studying the latest advancements in biology and photography, Paul Nicklen helps to rehabilitate sea lions back into their natural habitat.

Learn about this and more on While the Water Boils, and don't miss Paul's pistachio pesto penne recipe with Hannah Hart."
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