“Risotto-Style” Spaghetti with Octopus Recipe

“Risotto-Style” Spaghetti with Octopus Recipe Craving something new? Discover our seafood pasta recipe featuring spaghetti and octopus! We promise you haven't made any pasta like this before. It's a perfect summer recipe that brings you right to the beach.

1 box Barilla Spaghetti
5 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil, divided
1 medium yellow onion, divided
2 pounds octopus
1 pound multi-color cherry tomatoes
4 basil leaves
1 tablespoon Italian parsley
Salt and black pepper to taste

1. Boil octopus in salted water with ¾ onion for approximately 35 minutes. Turn off heat and let cool down in its own broth, about 2 hours. Strain octopus, reserving the water.
2. In a skillet, sear halved cherry tomatoes, reserve on the side. Cut octopus in ½ inch pieces.
3. In a separate skillet, sauté chopped onion over medium heat for five minutes. Add octopus broth and pasta. Cook risotto style until pasta is cooked and broth has been absorbed.
4. Toss in octopus, tomatoes, herbs and remaining extra virgin olive oil before serving.

Step out of your spaghetti comfort zone with this adventurous dish.
Recipe and Photo Credit: Chef Lorenzo Boni
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