Eat Smart Be Smart… with Pasta

Eat Smart Be Smart… with Pasta

Eating pasta might make kids smarter?

New research* suggests that children who more closely follow a Mediterranean-style diet, which features sensible pasta portions, are more likely to exhibit healthy behaviors and outcomes, including higher school achievement.

Balancing smart pasta portions with good proteins, fruits, and vegetables is the key to adopting something resembling a Mediterranean diet. For Italians, this comes naturally, as this is the diet they've been eating for centuries. For others around the world, the fight must start early to avoid eating the wrong foods and risking obesity, among other negative results.

Pasta by itself won't make your children smarter, but the complex carbs in it will help them stay full longer and keep them focused on their studies, not to mention fueling their physical activity which will further help them improve their cognitive abilities. Help your kids get on the path to healthy meal choices by feeding them properly portioned pasta dishes at home as they grow! Read the study for more information.

*Source: Rosi A, Calestani MV, Parrino L, et al. Weight status is related with gender and sleep duration but not with dietary habits and physical activity in primary school Italian children. Nutrients. 2017; 9(6):579. (Source link:
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