Daily Mail's 10 Reasons to Eat a Mediterranean Diet

Daily Mail's 10 Reasons to Eat a Mediterranean Diet

Interested in eating a healthier? Check out the Daily Mail's 10 good reasons for eating a Mediterranean diet

Manage your weight, stay healthy and focused, and teach your body how to eat properly! From Barilla's perspective, you can learn about pasta's role in the Mediterranean diet here.

Studies on the Mediterranean diet have shown that starting children off on the right foot with the right food can benefit their studies, as well as their physical fitness. Throughout life, balancing lean protein, fresh fruits and vegetables, and easy to digest, powerful carbohydrates found in pasta noodles can be beneficial.

Source: Daily Mail (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-4805204/10-REASONS-eat-Mediterranean-diet.html) The use of this is not an endorsement, affiliation or sponsorship to Daily Mail, it is simply for entertainment purposes.

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