Barilla America Executive Chef Lorenzo Boni Cooking Giant Pan of Spaghetti Puttanesca

There’s a reason why Business Insider dubbed him a “Pasta King.” Executive Chef Lorenzo Boni handles this giant pasta pan of spaghetti Puttanesca with style and grace.

With a dash of olive oil, he's off. Check out that pasta technique! And check out that cooking pan! There's plenty of Puttanesca to share. Of course, you could make your own pasta with Puttanesca sauce using any number of our recipes.

You too can be like Chef Lorenzo, but you might want to start with a smaller pan at first!

Want to taste some of what Chef Lorenzo has cooking? Browse his Instagram or check out Barilla's hub of pasta recipes, and you too could become a "Pasta King". All it takes is a little Passion for Pasta.

Credit: Chef Lorenzo Boni
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