Eat Like an Italian NHANES Study

Eat Like an Italian NHANES Study

If you think avoiding pasta is good for your diet, think again. According to new research, eating pasta the Med way—as part of a healthy and balanced traditional Mediterranean-style diet with properly portioned pasta dishes in moderation—may improve your diet quality by over 20 percent, compared to not eating pasta at all. What's more, this isn't the first time pasta research has come out saying this! Seems like it's about time to consider some pasta recipes for your next meal!

So, start eating like an Italian and enjoy your pasta tossed with other healthy ingredients. Try tossing asparagus, cherry tomatoes, grilled chicken, a touch of olive oil and basil with pasta for a refreshing and healthy dinner for you and your family. For more delicious Mediterranean pasta inspiration, check out our healthy pasta recipe builder.

For a more open collection of inspiration, browse Passion for Pasta's healthy recipes, or take a look at the wider selection of all Barilla recipes to pick and choose your next healthy pasta dish.

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