Life is Better with Pasta NHANES Study

Life is Better with Pasta NHANES Study

New research shows only about 1 in 5 Americans are eating pasta as part of a diet pattern that closely resembles a traditional Mediterranean-style diet: higher in fruits, vegetables, fish, dairy, whole grains and plant-based protein. The good news? Those who are eating it Med-style had over 20 percent better overall diet quality than people who ate no pasta at all. So, if you thought avoiding pasta was good for your diet, think again. Eating properly portioned pasta dishes as part of a Mediterranean-style diet, might actually help improve the overall diet quality of Americans.

There's no better time to start than when you're young, to learn these positive diet features and maintain them as you grow. Research also suggests that eating a Mediterranean diet as a child featuring properly portioned pasta alongside nutritious fruits and vegetables can improve your learning aptitude and physical fitness.

Sounds like pasta might be for dinner tonight! If you're looking for inspiration, lean on our passion for pasta to guide your healthy pasta recipe selection. Try using Barilla's whole grain pasta noodles, or veggie pasta as a further step toward adding even more healthy fiber and nutrition to your Mediterranean style diet.

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