Build a Better Plate of Pasta

Build a Better Plate of Pasta

According to recent NHANES research, eating proper pasta portions the Med way—as part of a healthy and balanced traditional Mediterranean-style diet—may improve your diet quality by over 20 percent, compared to not eating pasta at all. So, live your best life and build your best plate of pasta by picking your favorite pasta shape and tossing it with other healthy ingredients, such as vegetables, fish, beans, olive oil and herbs. Need some help? Explore our pasta recipe builders for inspiration!

Interested in learning more? Explore our Mediterranean diet recipes for cooking tips and information about how your diet can improve simply by eating well portioned meals and enjoying the flavors of life! Try a healthy pasta recipe for dinner tonight, like the above GIF of a delicious farfalle and shrimp dish above for example, and see if it catches on with your family!

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