Ditalini Broccoli Chowder Recipe Made with Upcycled Ingredients

Ditalini Broccoli Chowder Recipe Made with Upcycled Ingredients

Barilla Executive Foodservice Chef Yury Krasilovsky isn't one to waste food. He proves that supporting the environment can be delicious with this hearty ditalini pasta broccoli chowder made with the peels, stems and skins of different vegetables. Don't knock it until you try it! Packed with vitamins and minerals, this pasta soup's al dente ditalini shine and provide the necessary texture to tie the whole bowl together.

To cut back even further on food waste, Chef Yury recommends spiralizing, slicing or shaving the leftover stems from the broccoli florets and using them to make a tasty and nutritious veggie side dish for this pasta recipe main course. Now that is truly Good for You and Good for the Planet! Or, as we'd say online, GYGP!

Let us know on social media how else you put your Passion for Pasta toward helping our environment and bringing delicious flavors to your family's table and beyond.

Photo Credit: Chef Yury Krasilovsky

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