Chef Lorenzo's Traditional Spaghetti Carbonara Recipe Video

Get excited because tomorrow, April 6, is Carbonara Day! There are many variations of carbonara - a popular Italian pasta dish with its roots in Rome and the surrounding region - but purists stick to the recipe for traditional spaghetti carbonara, which calls for just five specific ingredients: egg yolks, pecorino, pepper, guanciale and spaghetti. Trust us, this is the pasta holiday you've been waiting for all spring! Savor the unique, rustic flavors of an authentic carbonara recipe!

Tomorrow is the perfect day to try your hand at making this creamy Italian classic. Try making your own traditional spaghetti carbonara recipe with a little help from us at Barilla, where our Passion is Pasta.

For those that aren't carbonara purists, there are plenty of other pasta recipe variations you can try your hand at. Browse our carbonara recipes and choose your favorite!

Video Credit: Chef Lorenzo Boni

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