Food Tank on Sustainability: Eating as If the Planet Mattered

Food Tank on Sustainability: Eating as If the Planet Mattered

Food Tank recently shared an article chock full of ways to lead a more sustainable life—offering tips on how to be less wasteful in the kitchen and eat more healthful. Unsurprisingly, these themes of sustainability and healthy eating go hand in hand. What's Good for You is often Good for the Planet—GYGP for short! 

Among other items, pasta is noted as being a great choice for sustainable cooking. In addition to being a simple food made from just two ingredients (water and wheat), pasta is a plant-based food with a low carbon footprint. Better still, it’s the perfect vehicle for leftover vegetables and other plant-based ingredients. The practice of using leftover vegetables, or infrequently utilized parts of vegetables is called upcycling. It's just one more reason to love pasta—as if you needed one.

Also in this article are recommendations to eat low on the ocean food chain - including clams - and how to control your portion sizes

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