Italian Sausage

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Barilla Italian Style Entree Sausage & Tomato Rotini
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Enjoy a variety of Italian-inspired recipes, all created with Italy's #1 brand of pasta and sauces. Our Sausage & Tomato Rotini Entreé is made with real Italian sausage and has 14g of protein. Enjoy this quick and flavorful meal anywhere, anytime, in just 60 seconds.

Sausage & Tomato Rotini Entreé is made with non-GMO ingredients. For more information, please read our position.

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This delicious recipe combines vine-ripened tomatoes and Italian sausage seasoned with onion, celery, carrots and spices. Combined with perfectly prepared Barilla Rotini pasta for a delicious meal to be enjoyed anywhere.



Pack Size(s)

  • 9 oz. (1 serving)


Made with Non-GMO Ingredients
Enjoy the flavors and aromas of Italy in just 1 minute.

Ingredients & Nutrition

Cooking & Measuring

This convenient meal is simple to prepare:

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Cooking tip

Italian Sausage

Make sure to let your meal stand for a few minutes before eating.

This convenient meal is simple to prepare:

Cooking your meal


Open the pack

Peel back film to dotted line, exposing sauce tray



Microwave for 1 minute, carefully remove from microwave.



Hold left side of tray and sauce cup, slowly peel back film to remove.



Pour sauce on pasta, stir and enjoy

Full Cooking Instructions
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