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Barilla Rustic Basil Pesto Jar


Barilla Rustic Basil Pesto sauce is imported from Italy and made with high-quality ingredients like fragrant Italian basil and freshly grated Italian cheeses. It is a flavorful complement to a variety of dishes your whole family will enjoy.

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What is Pesto? Pesto is a sauce from Italy that traditionally consists of crushed garlic, pine nuts, salt, basil leaves and cheese such as Parmigiano-Reggiano. Barilla’s Rustic Basil Pesto is made in Italy with high-quality ingredients like with fragrant Italian basil and freshly grated Italian cheeses.

What can you eat Pesto with? Pesto is a versatile sauce that is most commonly paired with pasta. However, Pesto can be used in a variety of different ways in the cooking process.

Pesto can be incorporated into your favorite pasta recipes or added to grain bowls or risotto. Spread pesto on your favorite sandwiches, wraps, or pizzas, or use it as a dip for fresh vegetables or on a charcuterie board. Try grilling with pesto, or use it as a marinade for veggies, meat, or fish!

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Sweet Basil

Pack Size(s)

  • 6.5 oz.


Imported from Italy
Made with fragrant Italian basil
Made with freshly grated Italian cheeses
Quick and tasty complement to any meal

Suitable For

Fish Free
Shell Fish Free
Soy Free

Ingredients & Nutrition

Please always refer to the product label for the most accurate nutrition, ingredient, and allergen information.

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Rustic Basil Pesto sauce is delicious tossed with just about any Barilla pasta. Try this classic sauce with the Barilla Spaghetti family or our Jumbo Shells or Lasagne for an easy-to-prepare, authentic Italian pasta meal.


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