Pesto and Sausage Lasagne

Creamy bechamel, sausage, and Italian cheeses are layered between lasagna sheets. Garlic, leeks, and fresh pepper add a hint of spice to this delicious sausage lasagna recipe.

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This lasagna recipe is the perfect centerpiece for a lovely night celebrating family and friends. A roux is combined with milk and flavorful spices like nutmeg, black pepper, and salt. Pesto is then
whisked in to create a colorful and creamy sauce. Savory sausage and fresh leeks are seared with olive oil, garlic, salt, and pepper and then layered with the creamy bechamel sauce and Oven Ready Lasagne pasta. Mozzarella and parmesan cheese are added in each layer to enhance the overall creaminess of this lasagna recipe.

Barilla’s non-GMO Oven-Ready pasta noodles were originally a Roman-made dish that later inspired the delicious Barilla Lasagne recipes created today. Nowadays, our Oven Ready Lasagna can be simply added to each dish without additional preparation – no boiling required.

Ingredients 12 Servings

Ingredients for Lasagna:

  • 1 box Barilla® Oven-Ready Lasagne pasta  
  • 8 ounces mozzarella cheese
  • 2/3 cup Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, grated
  • 2 pounds Italian sausage
  • 4 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
  • 2 leeks, diced
  • 1 clove garlic, minced
  • Béchamel sauce (see recipe)
  • Sea salt and black pepper to taste

For the béchamel sauce:

  • 1 quart milk
  • 3 ounces flour
  • 4 ounces butter
  • ½ teaspoon nutmeg
  • 1 jar Barilla® Creamy Genovese Pesto                      
  • Sea salt and black pepper to taste
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  • Preparation for Béchamel:

    In a skillet over medium heat add butter. Whisk in the flour and cook for 1-2 minutes.

  • Meanwhile, bring the milk to simmer, whisk into the butter and flour. Add nutmeg, salt, and pepper. Simmer for 3-5 minutes. Whisk in pesto.
  • Preparation:

    Preheat oven to 400 ºF.

  • In a skillet over medium/high heat add olive oil, sausage, garlic, salt, and pepper. Cook for 4-5 minutes, then add leeks. Cook for an additional 2-3 min. then set aside.
  • Start the lasagne by placing a little bit of béchamel sauce on the bottom of a greased 9” x 13” casserole dish, add four sheets of lasagne and top with the sauce.

  • Alternating lasagne sheets, béchamel, sausage, mozzarella, and Parmigiano for two layers. 
  • End the third layer of lasagne with the béchamel, mozzarella and Parmigiano cheese. 
  • Bake for 45-50 minutes covered with foil (spraying the top of the foil with non-stick spray) at 400 F°. 
  • Uncover and bake for 10 additional minutes. Allow lasagne to cool 10 minutes before cutting.
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