new barilla al bronzo
pasta is born again

Al bronzo, our new extraordinarily tasteful premium pasta

Made through lavorazione grezza, a special bronze extrusion with exclusive micro engravings which gives the pasta surface an intense roughness.

Premium quality
durum wheat

Our pasta is made from fine durum wheat, blended to achieve the best results possible in terms of: Protein quantity (>14% for a robust texture and a high elasticity) and protein quality (a high-quality gluten improves the texture and retains starch during cooking).

Heritage Seal

New pack with
heritage seal

A completely new look with a vibrant red and elegant illustrations across the box.
The heritage seal on the front guarantees the high quality of the product.

Thick and
robust shapes

Exceptional performance: it holds cooking sauces and stays al dente, it is ideal to bind with any sauce thanks to its rough surface and robust texture.

boiling water


A heightened tasting experience, perfect for those who want to indulge in a pleasure to the eyes and to the mouth.

Penne Rigate al bronzo



Penne, a classic hero cut, has been redesigned to represent even better the strength of the pasta and the versatility of its usage. Defined and pronounced ridges make the cut elegant at the view and firm to the bite; a perceivable roughness, both outside and inside the product, makes this Penne ideal to bind any sauce.
Last, the perfect balance of its geometry, thickness and dimension gives an exceptional taste experience!

cooking time

12 minutes