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What is durum wheat and why is it used to make Barilla pasta?

How do you judge good quality pasta?

Are there other ways to tell good quality pasta?

What is a recommended serving size, and is this for cooked or uncooked pasta?

How should pasta be stored?

What does "best if used by" mean?

What is the shelf life of Barilla Pasta?

Does Barilla Pasta contain dairy products?

Does Barilla Pasta contain nuts, nut products, or soy products?

What is the refrigerator life of an opened jar of sauce?

Which Barilla Sauce goes best with which Barilla Pasta shape?

Are there preservatives in Barilla Sauces?

Is Barilla Sauce gluten free?

What is the origin of Tortellini?

What are the natural flavorings in Tortellini?

Is the cheese in Tortellini pasteurized?

How is Barilla Tortellini different from other tortellini products?

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