Spaghettoni alla VEGETARIAN Carbonara

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Pasta alla carbonara is a delicious dish. It is an invitation to leave all the stress behind you and let yourself go to pure culinary pleasure. Its voluptuousness also comes across on a color level, as an explosion of yellow dotted with black and burnished pink. Purists love it as it is: voluptuous. But for many others it is a taboo. And chefs also make seafood variants. We gave up the lot (meat, eggs and fish) but not taste nor look, and focused on the vegetable garden.
Thicker and fuller than spaghetti, spaghettoni give an ideal bite and capture creamy sauces very well indeed. Once cooked and blended up together yellow peppers and spring onions trick the eye and look like egg cream. Diced vegetables sautéed on a high heat in a pan darken and take on toasted flavors. Black pepper gives an incense-like balsamic note to the dish.


Ingredients for 5 People

  • 400 g Barilla Spaghettoni  al Bronzo
  • 50 g leeks
  • 20 g Crusco peppers
  • 50 g Pecorino Romano cheese
  • Sarawak pepper
  • Extra virgin olive oil
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