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How to serve and store wine

How to serve and store wine

Instructions for how to properly open and serve a bottle of wine.

Instructions for how to properly open and serve a bottle of wine

Opening wine: White, sparkling and dessert wines should be served at a temperature between 46 and 57°F (8 and 14°C). Red wine should be served at a room temperature between 60 and 68°F (16 and 20°C).
Generally, wine bottles should not be opened too far ahead of serving to avoid oxidation of the wine. The best type of wine opener to use is a pulltap corkscrew with a double hinge, making it easier to remove the cork. To open a bottle of wine, begin by using the little knife to cut around the cap about an inch below the neck of the bottle. Pull off the cap, then insert the point of the corkscrew into the cork and turn it until it is well inserted into the cork. At this point, you should be able to remove the cork. Try not to make any noise. When opening a bottle of sparkling wine, should the cork be too difficult to remove by hand, use special Champagne pliers or a simple walnut cracker. 

Use a decanter only for older red wines and when:
- there is possible sediment in the bottle making the wine cloudy.
- the wine needs to be aerated in order to open up and release its aroma.
If the wine needs to be decanted, it should be poured into a decanter immediately after it is opened and right before serving.

Serving wine: If the wine bottles are on the table, guests can serve themselves. If not, wine should be poured from the right and the wine glass should be filled to only a third. Slightly rotate the bottle when done pouring in order to avoid drops. Wine pourers and drop-stoppers are also easy and effective. When pouring wine, hold the bottle hear the bottom and not near the neck so that your guests can read the label. Before serving wine to your guests, it should be tasted by the server or by the most experiences wine taster at the table. Pour just a small amount of wine to be tasted. Once the quality of the wine has been verified, serve your guests, beginning with the ladies and then the men. The owner of the house should serve himself for last. During the meal or tasting, do not pour more wine into a glass that still has wine in it. When serving sparkling wines, make sure not to shake the bottle and pour it slowly against the side of the glass so that it doesn’t create too much foam.

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