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How to toss pasta

How to toss pasta


A short guide describing how to properly toss pasta to make them creamy and well mixed with the sauce.


With a tense arm, shake the pan in a single movement from low to high, tossing the pasta slightly into the air and back into the pan. This is not easy and may require some training.

While tossing the pasta, be careful not to overcook it.

Keep in mind that 2 minutes in pan is the equivalent of cooking the pasta for 1 minute in boiling water.

When you toss the pasta, the mixture will eventually be well mixed and the sauce will become creamy.

Try to toss the pasta quickly using consecutive movements to help capture a greater amount of air in the sauce, making it more creamy and smooth.

If the recipe calls for adding oil, butter or cheese, add them to pasta right before the last toss then remove the pan from the heat so that you do not alter the flavor.

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