What’s Your Pesto Personality?


Made with the highest quality ingredients like 100% Italian basil and cheeses, each Barilla Pesto has a burst of flavor and its own unique personality, creating endless possibilities for uses. Which Pesto Personality suits you best? Read about each below to decide for yourself! And be sure to share your creations on Instagram using #PestoBesto.

The New Traditionalist

Loyal, reliable, and the bedrock of your group, your good taste comes from knowing what works. You are to-the-point, and your honesty and advice are what everyone loves about you, which is why you enjoy simple, straightforward food. You can do wonders with the most basic of ingredients, but tradition is just a launch pad to experimentation and twists on classics.

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The Passionate Purist

Honest, dedicated, and confident, you always know how to keep things, especially your recipes, simple and beautiful. Your personal style and actions—like fashion, recipes—speak louder than words. Your passion for tradition as well as modernity is what allows you to maximize with minimalism, and your personal touch is always apparent, and it shows in any dish you create.

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The Bold Adventurer

You want to dip your toes into every new experience—and more often than not you go all-in – especially in the kitchen. Positivity fuels your every day, you live in the moment, and you make friends wherever you go. You always have a seat for one more at your table, and your heart is always open to the next destination or recipe, because why not?

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The Life of the Party

You’re comfortable in a crowd, and always arriving in style. You treat everything you do with unabashed passion and creativity, and you inject your personality into all of the dishes you create. You own every room you’re in, and people are naturally drawn to you—and your recipes.

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