Barilla Rigatoni with Tomato and Ricotta

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A speciality of Abruzzo, the region located in central Italy, this Rigatoni with Tomato and Ricotta brings to life Abruzzo's famous aromatic style tomato sauce (or sugo). Paired with thick and robust Barilla Rigatoni, this classic dish is simple, affordable but offers a small kiss of decadence with the addition of rich and delicious ricotta cheese.

Best served with Ruffino Modus Toscana IGT

Taste profile: A rich, layered red with lots of plum, chocolate and walnut character. It's full-bodied with chewy yet soft tannins. Flavorful finish.

Ingredients 5 Number of Servings

1 box Barilla Rigatoni

1 small yellow onion, chopped small


4 tbsp extra virgin olive oil, divided


2 garlic cloves, minced


128 oz can “San Marzano” chopped tomatoes 


1 cup fresh ricotta cheese


salt and black pepper, to taste


½ cup Romano cheese, grated


6 leaves basil, torn

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  • Place a pot of water to boil and cook Barilla pasta according to package directions.
  • In a skillet, sauté onion with half the olive oil for 3 minutes over medium heat. When onion turns translucent, add garlic. Cook for one minute, and add tomatoes with 1 cup of water. Bring to boil and simmer for ten minutes.

  • Add ricotta, salt and pepper and simmer for five more minutes.
  • Drain pasta and toss with sauce for one minute. Turn heat off, and stir in Romano cheese, remaining olive oil and basil before serving.
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