Chef's Corner


Welcome to Chef’s Corner, where you’ll find everything from the ins and outs of ingredients to new takes on your favorite pasta dishes. We hope you enjoy these family-pleasing, satisfying and flavorful recipes – buon appetito!

  1. Not Your Average Pasta Toppings

    Cheese, herbs, breadcrumbs… These are just some of our favorite ways to add the perfect finishing touch to pasta! While we do love those classic toppings, we do love to experiment with adventurous recipes. Here are some of our favorite not-so-average pasta toppings and recipes!

  2. A Fresh Twist on Pesto & Pasta Meals

    Our Traditional Basil Pesto is a tasty addition to any pasta meal. With fresh-from-the-garden taste, you will devour any of these delicious pasta recipes.

  3. Cozy Up to Pasta Meals

    Try these chill-busting soups and savory pasta bakes made with Barilla Pasta and Sauce — and the wait 'til spring might not seem so long after all.

  4. Let's Get Together

    Festive favorites to warm up the season. Make the most of the holiday season by making time for family and friends.

  5. 8 Ways with Stuffed Shells

    Change up a family favorite with these flavorful combinations for stuffed shells. From meat and sausage to lentils and veggies, your family will love this classic dinner, any way you make it.

  6. Master Class: Mac and Cheese

    Learn to cook perfectly creamy stovetop mac and cheese—then try 9 delicious ways to change it up for future meals. From veggie-packed to rich and spicy, these easy dinners will be your family’s new favorites.

  7. Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner: 10 Ways to Serve Chicken and Pasta

    Tired of making the same old chicken recipes? Change it up with 10 delicious chicken-and-pasta meals.

  8. Nutritional Sauce-Ups

    If getting your family to eat enough vegetables with their dinner is no small task, try sneaking them into one of these ready-made pasta sauces.

  9. New Uses for Pasta Leftovers

    Make the most of every meal. When you have extra pasta on hand, a quick and easy dinner is always within reach. Transform ordinary leftovers into a new meal the whole family will love.

  10. Quick 5-Ingredient Dinners. You’re Welcome

    Learn how these easy ideas can transform simple ingredients into quick and delicious dinners. We give you a wide range of options—from vegetarian to produce-packed to family-friendly—to make sure everyone is well-fed and happy.


    Rev up your mealtime routine with a Pasta Bar theme featuring Barilla Pastas and Sauces. A Pasta Bar can turn mealtime into an event and please even the pickiest of eaters.

  12. 7 Healthy Pasta Recipes: Extra-Sneaky Ways to Pack Vegetables into Pasta

    Quick, packed with veggies, and kid-approved, these weeknight meals give you back time you can spend with your family—without any fuss about what’s for dinner.–vegetables-into-pasta

  13. New Ways with Pasta Salad

    Whether for a potluck, a picnic, or just an easy weeknight meal, pasta salad is a summer staple. Try these new twists on the classic idea for family meals that will keep you inspired and nourished all season long.

  14. Powered-Up Pasta Bowls

    Whether fuel for a tough workout, a long day at the office, or a day on the town, pasta bowls are super-wholesome ways to assemble easy dinners for your family. Light and balanced, these mix-and-match ideas provide a range of flavors for endless possibilities. Follow our three easy steps to combine textures, proteins and carbohydrates like a pro.

  15. Chiles: Bring on the Heat

    Go beyond the expected crushed red pepper by trying a diverse mix of chile peppers to add smokiness, caramel flavors and heat to your favorite dishes. Whether you aim to re-create favorite restaurant dishes at home or you just want to add a little spice to a Thursday night dinner, these chiles have you covered. Here’s how to make the best use of the peppers available at your supermarket.

  16. Chef Lorenzo’s Top 10 Weeknight Pasta Dishes

    With these deliciously simple ideas from Chef Lorenzo, you’ll get dinner on the table before the kids even have a chance to ask what’s on the menu. You can make each family-friendly meal in 40 minutes or less. All feature fresh, delicious ingredients that beat takeout any night of the week.

  17. Give the Green Light: Ideas for Spring Greens, Spinach, Broccoli and Basil

    Go beyond salad and steamed broccoli by putting some of the most nutrient-packed greens to better use. Learn to transform green vegetables into fresh pesto, or add to Alfredo sauce, pasta salad, noodle soups and zesty sauces. These ingredients are more versatile than you probably realize, and your family will be surprised at how delicious it can be to eat their veggies.

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