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Mikaela Shiffrin

2017 World Champion


Mikaela Shiffrin, Three-Time World Champion Skier & Pasta Lover

“If food is fuel, Barilla® ProteinPLUS® is my go-to before any race!”
— Mikaela Shiffrin

Barilla® ProteinPLUS® has been helping Mikaela put the pro in her routine, right from the beginning. With 10g of protein in a single serving, it’s THE delicious, wholesome pasta that continues to help fuel her success.

That success was on display at the 2017 World Championships, as Mikaela’s performance was nothing short of historic. Not only did she become the first woman since 1939 to achieve her third straight Slalom Gold Medal, but she secured Silver in Giant Slalom—becoming the first American to podium the event since 2005! Congratulations to Mikaela on yet another remarkable accomplishment, or two!

Mikaela’s Fuel-Up Recipes

Get the nutrients you need to fuel your fitness with Barilla® ProteinPLUS® pasta dishes inspired by Mikaela.

  1. Farfalle with Roasted Fennel, Parsnips & Orange Zest

    Sweet flavors and a citrus finish, make this vegetarian dish a lively addition to any dinner party.

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  2. Rotini with Roasted Pork & Blackberry

    A flavorful feast for the senses, this vibrant, high-protein dish will please your eyes and your taste buds.

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  3. Spaghetti with Roasted Zucchini & Garlic

    This perfect, pre-workout meal is light yet packed with plenty of protein to keep you going.

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  4. Farfalle with Edamame, Lemon, Black Pepper & Pecorino Cheese

    Enjoy this recipe in a savory snap, thanks to fresh flavors and a sprinkling of sharp cheese.

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Mikaela’s Winning Moves

There are those who push themselves…and then there’s Mikaela Shiffrin. Barilla® ProteinPLUS® has helped Mikaela take her routine to the next level. Now, it’s your turn, to fuel up and go after your fitness goals!



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