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Pasta World Championship 2017

The Barilla Pasta World Championship is a celebration of one of the most important ingredients in Italian cuisine, and a celebration of the talented chefs that prepare it all over the world.

  1. Terms & Conditions


    Barilla is organizing the 6th edition of the “Pasta World Championship” lying in an international “talented Chefs” contest that allows the participation of 20 Young professional Chefs. The company will celebrate on this occasion its 140 anniversary. Requirements for applying for the Championship are the following:

    • Chefs or Sous chefs / Chef de Partie
    • Currently working abroad for restaurants offering Pasta in their menu’
    • Current activity in a renowned restaurant (a starred restaurant would be appreciated although not mandatory, in case even during a previous professional experience)
    • Under 35y.old


    The contest will be held from 27th until 29th September 2017.

    1. Objective of the contest:  The Championship is aimed at promoting internationally the Excellence and the Future of the Italian Cuisine through its cornerstone, Pasta through the celebration of the 20 most promising Young Chefs worldwide, the ones who will become the celebrity Chefs in the forthcoming years.


    2. Selection phases :

    Phase 1 : preselection in Sydney occurs on the 12th April 2017. 4 candidates from all over Australia will compete at Casa Barilla in Annandale, and the winner will represent Australia in Italy.

    Phase 2: the 20 Candidates will compete on the 26th & 27th September 2017 in Milan in the first section of the Championship (N.10 on the first day, other N.10 on the second day) . This first competitive section will challenge the talented chefs to express their vision about the Future of Pasta through their utmost culinary talent.

    At the end of the second day (27th sept), a technical jury made of the starred Chef coaches will elect the N.10 finalists deemed to participate in the second section of the Championship (see below).

    Phase 3 : on the third day (28th Sept ), the N.10 finalists will be invited to compete in Milan for the second challenge : re-interpretate traditional Pasta recipes that will be sorted out in a Mystery Box. Ingredients will be provided by the organization team. At the end of the day, N.3 finalists eligible for the Grand Final will be elected by the Jury.  

    Phase 4:  The Grand Final and the Overall Winner’s selection will take place on the 29th sept in Parma, at the Academia Barilla auditorium in presence of Paolo Barilla and of the starred chefs. Additional events may be arranged in connection with the Event duration to which the Local Finalists will be invited. Therefore, it is important that all participants will be available during the above period.

    3. Participants eligibility : see the conditions required as quoted in the introductory part of the document . Candidates will have in particular to answer the questions in their motivation letter or video to be sent : - “What are your professional dreams for the future?” – Why your current and previous professional experience is valuable and supported your own gastronomy talent.

    It is the responsibility of each participant to obtain the permission of their employer where this is necessary for entry. By entering, each participant is deemed to have obtained, or to not require, such permission. It is also responsibility of each participant to be covered by a work accident insurance – documentation of it will be asked by the Organizers.


    4. “Signature dish” recipe (in English):

    Participants will have the opportunity to cook any Pasta shape among Barilla wide offer among a shortlist of Barilla quality Pasta:

    • the basic cuts of Blue Box and the specialty cuts (Collezione, Emiliane, Specialità )
    • the premium bronze pasta cuts of Academia Barilla or Voiello
    • the specific ranges of Integrale, Gluten free, the brand new 5 Cereali 


    The overall cooking time allowed during the competition is one hour. However, any necessary preliminary preparation -such as sauces, powders, cooking juices, glazes-will be feasible one hour before the official scheduling foreseen for every single chef.

    The Young Chefs will be provided by Barilla team with the necessary ingredients unless specific ingredients are not easily accessible in Italy. In that case, participants will be free to provide for themselves any local ingredient wishd to be part of the Signature dish. Ingredients such as animals at risk of extinction, blood or gold are not allowed.

    The recipe must include the following information: (a) recipe’s name; (b) list of ingredients and quantity; (c) for 2 servings; (d) method of preparation; (e) presentation features.

    The place of work will determine the country and therefore the Geography to which each Young Chef is allocated. The above selection process will be handled by ALMA.


    5.Competition Rules : Further details regarding the selection process and the details of the judging panels will be communicated by May’2017 . In the first section “the Future of Pasta”, the worthy Young Chefs will be determined on the basis of four (4) criteria (Golden Rules), for each of which the Commission members will assign a score between 1 and 10.

    a. SKILLS: Successfully handling and transforming (or knowing how to handle and transform) raw materials into a finished dish that respects its original essence.

    b. TALENT: Successfully exploring the unknown, inspiring, unexpected prospects/outlooks, connected with fine dining culture with a personal and contemporary style, while maintaining a perfect balance of taste and shapes.

    c. BEAUTY: Dish presentation is part of the charm

    d. MESSAGE: Successfully communicating (or knowing how to effectively communicate) a clear message through work and personal vision.

    During each Local Challenge, the Young Chefs will be required to cook their “signature dish”, as described in the application form. The “signature dishes” will be judged by a Jury made of independent famous chefs.

    6. Media Contents production - Legal authorization for publications

    Any submitted pictures and recipes, as well as the names and the participants’ features, pictures and video recordings of the Pasta World Championship event may be used, at Barilla’s discretion, for promoting the contest in any and all media for an unlimited period of time without obligation of copyrights ..

    The same permission will have to be granted by participants upon specific materials to be produced before the event and possibly aired on all media channels (Web,..) or used in points of purchase such as Interviews or pictures, alone and with Coaches or Organizer’s teams (Starred chefs).

    A relevant media exposure in Italy and on countries of origin will be offered to all participants.

    Therefore, by submitting their application, participants implicitly authorize the publication of the recipes/photos submitted, only for the purpose of the contest and the promotional use below and accepts to be contacted for interviews, only for the purpose of the contest and the promotional use below. Submitting their application participants confirm the accuracy of, and their responsibility for, the information declared/materials submitted. The Organizer reserves the right, at any time, to request evidence in support of, and to otherwise verify, the validity of entries and participants, including the participant’s identity, age and place of residence, and to disqualify any participant who breaches these terms and conditions or tampers with the registration process or the contest.

    7. Incentives to participate

    Barilla will be responsible for arranging logistics details (flights, domestic transfers) and accommodation in Milan and Parma for the elected Young chefs while bearing all costs . Additional guests of hers/his will be at her/his expenses and will be able to assist as observers to the competition only, with a limited access to linked events including official dinners and lunches/entertainment program.

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