Pasta World Championship

Barilla created its Pasta World Championship to promote and share their passion for Italian gastronomy and celebrate one of its most beloved ingredients: Pasta! Pasta is truly a blank canvas which can pair world flavors to bring cultures together and allow for unlimited culinary innovation. As a staple of the Mediterranean lifestyle, pasta can be part of a recipe for good living, as it provides the perfect canvas for a nutritious meal. Barilla Pasta World Championship is a global pasta competition which celebrates 20 chefs from around the world to represent their country and compete for the title of World Pasta Master. 

USA Qualifying Event

The USA qualifying event brings eight U.S. young chefs, who are skilled in pasta, together to compete for the title of USA Master of Pasta. The winner qualifies to compete at the global competition in Italy, for the title of World Pasta Master. Chefs will create dishes using Barilla Collezione and be judged on taste and beauty/presentation for the challenge. Dishes will be judged based on the Pasta World Championship’s criteria by a jury consisting of relevant local culinary experts.

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