In 2019, Pasta World Championship reaches its 8th edition, and this year’s theme is “The Art of Pasta”. 
Is pasta an art? For us it is.
Each piece of pasta is a small piece of design that combines beauty and taste.
Creating with pasta means playing with the colors of a painting, the grace of a ballet, the sounds of a symphony. 
It is form and movement, and creates masterpieces.
It is an art, or the sum of many arts.
Pasta is the ultimate summa: something simple and essential that can be reinterpreted, transformed and continually revolutionized by the greatest Masters in the world. 
This is the art that explodes all over the world. 
This is the Art of Pasta.


If there’s one thing Paris is known for all over the world, it is being the capital of art. On October 10 and 11, the city will gain a new title, becoming the capital of pasta. In fact, Pasta World Championship has chosen the charming setting of  Pavillon Cambon as the location of the 2019 edition, in which:
14 chefs will compete to demonstrate their mastery.
3 challenges will push them to create three artwork recipes.
5 judges among starred chefs and artists will look for “the art of pasta” in every dish.


In this challenge, the chefs will create and present their Masterpiece:
their signature dish throughout this edition.

Chefs will be asked to embrace a new Gastronomy perspective:
by using the Better-For-You pasta types, they will create a recipe able to combine creativity with a holistic concept of well-being.

The piece of resistance, the work - and the dish - by which the chef will be remembered.
The chefs will be invited to reinterpret the Masterpiece of their first challenge, by adding an unexpected twist.




An eclectic chef who took his own path by opening his “Dinner” company, after several experiences in restaurants such as Hotel Storchen and Widder in Zurich, Gran Casino Baden and even a pop-up restaurant in Biel.


After some enriching experiences in the finest restaurants of his native Australian land, he went out on a Norwegian adventure to join the two best places in Oslo, “Maaemo***” and more recently Kontrast*, headed by the reputed Chef Svensson.


Born in New Delhi, his love for cooking grew in his father’s bakery shop. His professional career blossomed in Canada in 2016 and after graduating from George Brown College, when he joined "Paese Ristorante” as a Chef de Partie.


Sous-chef at Viviana Varese’s Alice*, the only starred restaurant in Milan owned by a woman chef, he forged his talent in Michelin starred restaurants in Italy and in the Netherlands, where he worked for Dutch chef Sergio Herman.


Before becoming the Chef at two of the best restaurants in Greece, Etrusco in Corfu and Botrini* in Athens, he developed his savoir-faire in multi-starred restaurants in France, Spain and around Greece.


Polyhedral and determined, after university he embraced a promising culinary career by assisting famous Chefs Karl and Rudi Obauer in Werfen, well-known for their avant-garde regional cuisine.


Chef at Anne, inside the luxury hotel Pavillon de la Reine (Paris), he learnt how to master the art of avant-garde cuisine by working side by side with starred chefs like Eric Fréchon, Pierre Gagnaire or Alain Passard.


Due to her French and Portuguese roots, she captured many European culinary influences and achieved a sound reputation in the local TV. Her last success? Opening “Chez Heaven”, her own restaurant in Rio De Janeiro.


A multidisciplinary chef, with extensive knowledge of Italian cuisine. He grew his talent in the finest restaurants in Paris (G.Savoy), Tokyo (Chez Inno), Osaka (Quintocanto) and recently Yokohama (Salone 2007).


Eclectic French Chef with a love for both Nordic and Mediterranean cuisine. She worked at Michelin starred restaurants: Gastrologik** in Sweden or Toya* in France. She recently joined the reputed Oaxen Krog** in Stockholm.


Executive Chef at Louie on DeMun (St. Louis-MO), he was inspired by Jonathan Benno’s “new modern italian” style, as he cooked in his restaurant in NYC. He considers pasta a true “comforting food”.


Sous-chef at Viviana Varese’s Alice*, the only starred restaurant in Milan owned by a woman chef, he forged his talent in Michelin starred restaurants in Italy and in the Netherlands, where he worked for Dutch chef Sergio Herman.

ZORA KLIPP (Germany)

After taking her first steps at the luxurious Landhaus Wachtelhof in Rotenburg, she moved to Hamburg to become Head Chef at the Kliemannsland. Host in her own cooking show, she likes to convey her simple but unconventional culinary philosophy.


Five years ago, his adventurous spirit brought him to Dubai where he embraced a sound culinary carrier in the most prestigious hotel restaurants like Grosvenor House, The Oberoi, One and Only The Palm before joining the Marriott Strega Italian Restaurant.



"Art and artisan have the same roots. Pasta is an artisanal form of art. It’s the art of fine taste, something that changes depending on the ingredients we put on the plate."

He brought to the Italian cuisine the concept of “cucina pop”, which is based on perfectly balanced contrasts. These contrasts can be also experienced in his restaurant “D’O”, near Milan.


"I see pasta as a canvas that each chef can use in many ways. It’s an ingredient you can use to express different things, it gives you such freedom!"

Her creativity is rooted in the talent instilled by the French chefs she rubbed shoulders with, like Ducasse, Alléno and Fréchon. Bocuse de Bronze in 2012, she's very involved in charity through her work with the NGO World vision and she will open soon her new restaurant “Pouliche”.


"For me, the art of pasta is about the ability to enhance and transform what is basically a social, everyday item into something artistic."

Sustainability and Mediterranean cuisine are the centre of his vision. Head Chef of “Le George” in Paris, his career grew between London and Paris, as he worked in Gordon Ramsay’s starred restaurants.


"Pasta is a beautiful example of democratic design. Simple, natural, universal. I think it's a magnificent ""creative medium”: it can make anyone feel a little bit like an artist."

Her mind is a combination of colours of the South of the world and the taste and forms of the West. She won international awards as an architect, product designer, interior decorator and art director.

ASHLEY ALEXANDER (food photographer)

"Like art, pasta can not only evoke emotion and inspiration in the moment but can spark and inspire further creativity and future work."

Food photographer and content creator, Melbourne-based. Her blog “Gather and Feast” tells stories of good food and the pleasure of sharing it. She is focused on wholesome and nutritious recipes, with natural and seasonal ingredients.


Lorenzo Cogo

Lorenzo Cogo

Lorenzo Cogo, chef and owner of “El Coq” in Vicenza, is the youngest Michelin-starred chef in Italy and the Master of Gastronomy of Pasta World Championship 2019. 

Stéphane Rotenberg

Stéphane Rotenberg

French journalist and host of TV show “Top Chef”, Stéphane Rotenberg acts as Master of Ceremony of the 2019 edition.

Discover Pasta World Championship 2018 Edition


Pasta is a never-ending journey from field to table.
Becoming a master is no different: it’s a journey made of passion, dedication and the constant search for perfection.


17 young chefs participated in the 2018 edition of Barilla Pasta World Championship in Milan.
After winning the final round with Chinese finalist Toby Wang, USA representative Carolina Diaz has earned the title of Master of Pasta, becoming the first female winner in the history of the contest.  She was able to demonstrate her skills during all the "Mastery Challenges", by showing an exceptional ability in balancing flavors and by putting her heart in every dish.
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