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Origin of Inspiration: SOUTHERN ITALY | The region features bright Mediterranean fare where freshness is paramount, from seafood to salads.
Taste: FLAVORFUL | Now with simmered garlic puree and onions with a touch of premium basil
Texture: CRUSHED | New homestyle, finely diced tomatoes

Perfect for ...

Embracing life by the sea - simply delicious on top a piece of grilled fish (The Italian phrase 'alla Marinara' means 'sailor-style')


Garlic, Onion, & Basil

Pack Size(s)

  • 24 oz. (5 x servings)


3x More Diced Tomatoes v. Previous Recipe
Real Basil, Garlic, or Onions - never dried or dehydrated
Made with 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil
No Artificial Colors, Flavors, and Preservatives
Non GMO Project Verified seal

Suitable For

Gluten Free
Egg Free
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Ingredients & Nutrition

Cooking & Measuring


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Heat gently, stirring occasionally. Do not microwave jar.

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Over 140 years of Italian passion goes into our products

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